Sunday, 7 July 2019

Visit to the Bristol University Archaeological Site in Berkeley

The 6th June FoBC visit to the Dig site in the Paddock was hosted by Professor Mark Horton 
who updated us on their discoveries:

a very deep ditch was found, possibly 4 metres deep and running north/south, 
which raises the issue of whether there was a Roman fort here, possibly 1st Century AD;
a sump or well that is probably 13th Century plus a rubbish tip from the same era 
in the south west corner of the site;
a “D” shaped buckle of indeterminate age;
a die made of bone that is possibly Tudor;
the vertebra of a porpoise, which was a high class example of Anglo-Saxon food.

This is the last year that Bristol University’s Archaeological team 
will be researching the Berkeley dig.

With thanks to Adam Waller for the photographs of Professor Mark Horton and team in action.

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