Tuesday, 26 September 2017

FoBC Stand at Frampton Country Fair - Sunday 10th September

A steady stream of visitors were welcomed to the FoBC stand, including one of our staunch supporters, Professor Mark Horton.
Being near the Craft Tent and a car park we were well positioned.
FoBC's chain mail suit and helmet were on display, together with our recently acquired Longbow,
and a Tudor headdress courtesy of Alison Thompson.
Particular thanks to FoBC Deputy Chair Diana Merrett, who will be very glad of more volunteers to help chat to visitors,
if we take a stand again in 2018. 
FoBC's chain mail suit and helmet in the Castle Armoury

FoBC talk on the legal case "Fitzhardinge v Berkeley" - Thursday 7th September

Castle Archivist David Smith gave us another hugely informative and entertaining talk, this time on the peerage disputes of the 19th century which originated in 1785 with the liaison of the 5th Earl with Mary Cole.   All the litigants had the surname Berkeley but this talk title is used because all the children of the 5th Earl had Fitzhardinge as a middle name.

A report will appear in the next edition of The Berkeley Buttress.
Berkeley WI provided an excellent afternoon tea, ably assisted by FoBC Committee Members.

David Smith with FoBC Deputy Chair Diana Merrett

Friday, 1 September 2017

FoBC's new Sundial in the Gloucestershire Gazette - Thursday 31st August 2017

Following the unveiling of the Friends' new Sundial at the Annual Summer Party
on Sunday 20th August, the local Gazette has picked up the story: