Saturday, 2 August 2014

Berkeley Archeological Dig Tour, June 2014

What a fascinating afternoon the Friends had when we recently visited the Berkeley Dig. Dr Stuart Prior met us near "The Yurt" where he began by telling us about the now almost certain existence of a Minster at Berkeley which, according to their findings, would have been roughly the same size as the one at Winchester.

Moving on to the old gift shop, we heard from an enthusiastic Stuart that their discoveries told them that the original siting of the Castle keep and its towers was quite different to what we have been led to believe! Ditches, walls and doors which lead to nowhere have convinced him that the Castle is not all that it appears to be!

On walking down to the Paddock, Stuart proudly showed us his "Trench of Many Ages"! Evidence has emerged of Roman, Saxon and Norman times and at the time of our visit, a Tudor Inn, complete with pig-pen was being excavated by the University students.

It's truly amazing what digging and scraping can reveal, and we're very lucky to have Stuart in charge of the Berkeley Dig.

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